Are you a wisdomkeeper?

Do you feel a calling to uphold, protect, and study arcane knowledge for the betterment of human kind? Are you drawn to the concept of self awareness being essential for spiritual growth, and desire to share your experience with other seekers? If you answer yes to these questions, are willing to take a look within yourself, and have a desire to share what you find in order to help another, then you are a WISDOMKEEPER. We invite you to come along on this fantastic journey with us. This is the path of self discovery, honest self inquiry, and healing. We are so pleased to share these teachings with you!

We offer Tarot Classes and Workshops, Tarot Mentorship, and a monthly spiritually guided journey through The Hermit’s Corner. We will be expanding our workshops and classes into the realm of Ritual, Herbalism, and Reiki by 2020.